Znachko said that the essence of her ministry is to flip the story around and say, ‘Yes there is a tragedy. Yes, it was hard. But let’s remember the life and the name of the child.’

IndyStar 2015

Znachko, who was alone in her first call to the morgue a few years ago, considers that a victory for compassion. “It is so evident to me,” she said, “that after five years of doing this that God is absolutely changing the city of Indianapolis.”

Chicago Tribune

Five years later, He Knows Your Name has grown into something Znachko never imagined. Her organization has assisted about 20 families with funeral expenses. In six instances, including for Zachary, Znachko has gone as far as taking legal custody of a child’s remains and giving it a burial — “adopting in death,” as she calls it. (2015)

Women’s Day 2016



“Now she’s taking on another cause: expanding the state’s Safe Haven law. The current legislation states that a mother may place her child in an emergency room, police station or fire department, provided the baby is unharmed and under one month old, without being arrested or prosecuted. Yet babies are still being dumped in unsafe places, so Znachko is proposing a “baby drop,” where mothers can anonymously leave their infants knowing that officials will immediately be alerted.” (2015)

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