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Do you have a story you would like to share?  Does it bring life and dignity to someone who may not have ever received it?  The stories from He Knows Your Name are a small representation of the many stories needing to be told.  Would you consider sharing your story or nudge someone in your life who has a story to tell?

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*Disclaimer – by submitting your story, you are granting He Knows Your Name authorization to reuse your story in its writing material with permission to print without reimbursement. Permission is also being granted to edit the work (grammatical errors, typos, and length); however, the story will not be changed in any way. Your submission can be anonymous; names will be changed if you request we do so.

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  • Due to internet hiccups, it is strongly recommended to type out your story in Microsoft Word, Notepad, or other program then cut and paste it here.
  • If your story is more than 5,000 characters, please consider emailing it instead to mystory{at}heknowsyourname{dot}org.

You will receive an email reply with the anticipated publication date.  Turnaround time for story publication could be 2-3 weeks.

Ella Everhart {You Stayed}

Her Life: Hours
Her Legacy: She Stayed, They Bonded

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My Cuddle Cot Story, By Lindsey Lamie

The Life: Unknown
The Legacy: Extended time to say good-bye

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Michael Gabriel {Coming Full Circle}

His Life: unborn
His Legacy: Completing the circle of a victim’s life

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Lauren {a poem from mom & dad}

Her Life: unborn
Her Legacy: A Life Together

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Mary Elizabeth & Danielle Christine {A Life Purpose Defined}

Their Life dates: Unknown
Living Legacy: A Purposeful Life

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April Francis {Diamond in the Rough}

Her Life: DOB Unknown-April 23, 2015 (found)
Living Legacy: Adoption matters

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