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Nancy’s Donation: A lost orphan makes a family complete

HKYN_1 finalThis family plot has legacy that spans 3 generations, 6 spots that hold Nancy’s family roots.  Even though divorce has fractured her marriage she has courageously decided to donate the space next to her to a stranger, one who is in need of a family.  Her wide smile reflects her open heart and desire to embrace an orphan as her family so that her family is complete.  She has creatively thought of adoption in a way I never considered before.  Beautiful.

In Savannah: Genise celebrating loss, healing and hope- 1 of 3

HKYN_2 Genise proof 1When Genise heard I was coming to Savannah something in her made her come out of her seat and ask a question.  She wondered if she could meet me when I came the next month.  Her friend was curious about this sudden boldness that she noticed because she didn’t know anything about the secret hidden deep inside.  Wounds from 2 infant losses and a hope for healing gave this precious mom the courage to open up.  We scheduled a meeting during our correspondence and I learned she had named her unforgotten ones.  When we met by the waters edge in Savannah we celebrated the lives of her children with praise, prayer and honor.  Sacred moments.  Just between us.  Never forgotten, not the babies or our new bond of sisterhood.

In Savannah: Genise celebrating loss, healing and hope- 2 of 3

HKYN_3 Genise Proof 1When I learned the children had been given names I contacted my jeweler, Sue Stevens right away.  I shared with her that I was leaving within days for Savannah and I needed her to make me charms.  Sue is no stranger to my urgent requests and she is always eager to fulfill my order and to hear the story.   Sue has handcrafted every charm for me for 6 years.  We marvel together at the mom’s response to each and every necklace.  They all say though tears, “I’ll never take it off, and “it feels so real.”  Seeing a name, stamped into metal, leaves a permanent mark, not only in the silver but in the soul as well.

In Savannah: Genise celebrating loss, healing and hope- 3 of 3

HKYN_4 Genise Proof 1After I gave Genise her necklace she asked me to clip it on her.  Her tears flowed freely as she whispered that it felt so real to see their names engraved.  Our time was sacred and a circle of lifegiving women held hands in prayer.  Blessing a broken heart always brings healing.  Remembering LIFE and celebrating LIFE is affirming to our spirits.  We were strangers that morning and by afternoon we were sisters.  Shared grief is a tie that binds.

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