How the wing logo was chosen

…when I met them, the gentleman showed me his tattoo in honor of the baby. It was a pair of angel wings.

In 2014, I was considering a new logo for He Knows Your Name. Naturally, I was drawn to colors and images I liked; yet, I wasn’t feeling settled. With each possibility, I was asked, “What does this image say to you?” I prayed for God to lead me because the name of this ministry is anointed, I know because it bears “much fruit.” I could not manufacture the path, direction or stories, not even on my best day. God is moving and I am following. I go where He tells me to go and I wanted the logo to have His fingerprints on it. So, I waited for His wink.

I sat staring at my computer with many beautiful potential logos in front of me. I told the Lord, I’m going sit here until you show me “the one.” Then a question came. “It’s not what this says to you, (because as usual this isn’t about me!) but what will this logo say to your HKYN family?”

I had an “aahhha” moment. I knew right away it had to be an angel. Over the past 5 years I have been told that your loved one is your angel.

My next decision was to communicate this discovery, either with an angel or just a wing. I prayed for confirmation about this. Immediately I was given a picture. It was of a tattoo. HKYN was birthed because a baby was found in a dumpster. The child was lost and then found by a couple searching in trash for scrap metal. Their finding changed them forever, and when I met them the gentleman showed me his tattoo in honor of the baby. It was a pair of angel wings. I choose the first symbol I saw that gave comfort in LIFE and gave honor to LIFE lost.

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