Families Impacted

Families Impacted By Linda & He Knows Your Name

This number, of families impacted, is just a small representation of the number of lives touched by He Knows Your Name. It’s never just one individual impacted, it’s the siblings, the grandparents, the friends, those whom hear the news story, those who stand graveside, those who  partner in their services who are moved.  It’s the man who finds the abandoned baby, it’s the under resourced children that want to remember their mother, it’s the sister who wants honor.

“When I entered in to brokenness and pain and injustice-I found myself gathered up in God’s lap as a member of a new kind of family.”
– Linda Znachko

The photos you see are glimpses into the stories of  just a portion of the families impacted by He Knows Your Name ministry.  Their stories are in Znachko’s book, He Knows Your Name 

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