The Elizabeth Project

This project was birthed out of a hidden story. A 20 year secret.

  • Unlocked.
  • Opened.
  • Revealed.
  • Named.

The name changed everything. Elizabeth became a named purpose and that’s when fear lost its power and healing was birthed. Telling story is a powerful way to heal and find hope. Hope that the lies will be covered in mercy and grace will rise to the top so that no one, no one, will ever believe that death is an option when LIFE is always the gift.

The Elizabeth Project is a continuous redemption story.
It is a safe place to listen, find hope and say yes to LIFE.

Hear from real people about their experiences

Elizabeth Project Stories

In August of 2022, I was invited to give my testimony to the House of Representatives in support of life. I stood at the podium in the chamber and spoke about fetal anomalies from my experience. I shared about the moms I’ve served through He Knows Your Name for 13 years. It was a landmark time for Indiana. Using my voice to help change laws and influence hearts to protect life is my calling.

Looking for guidance?


If you, or someone you know is facing unplanned pregnancy, below are some wonderful resources that can give guidance:

If you are in a crisis pregnancy situation now, and need to safely surrender your baby


Please call the Safe Haven Baby Box Hotline: 1-866-99BABY1

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