The gift of Time – That’s what a Cuddle Cot is.

When an expectant mother walks through the doors of a hospital it is such a happy time. Preparations are made to celebrate a baby’s arrival. Families come around the growing family and anticipate the joyful sounds of a newborn.

Well, it’s not that way for all mom’s and dad’s. Some go to the hospital to say hello and goodbye to their child and their dreams of joy are swallowed up in sorrow.

Most hospitals are not prepared to handle a grieving family who so longs to spend time with their baby by saying a gentle goodbye. Many babies are rushed away from the family and they are not given the opportunity to share, dress, photograph and make footprints of their child.

A baby’s presence with his/her family is a priceless gift that heals the most painful loss. When a family can hold, sing and rock their baby and allow siblings and extended family to share in the love, remarkable redemption can start to lift suffering.

The Cuddle Cot cooling method allows the maternity ward of a hospital to keep the baby with family for a long period of time during the mother’s hospital stay.   Infant loss is a sad reality and no one has the ability to remedy the statistic that 25,000 babies are born still every year.

The state of Indiana has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country. It is said, that a child dies every 13 hours in our state, that is devastating. I believe we must provide loving care for families of pregnancy and infant loss in our area Hospitals. It is my hope that by donating 5 Cuddle Cots to the 5 main area hospitals in Marion County we can bring healing to hurting families. I challenge each of the main Health Networks to dig deep into their resources to make sure that every one of their branch hospitals acquires a Cuddle Cot very soon.

A Gift of Time

To donate specifically towards a Cuddle Cot you can select your option here:

(Contact Linda if you have questions about donating to a specific hospital.)

A new program here in Indiana

targets Infant mortality rate.

$ Donated to Cuddle Cots

Cuddle Cot’s official website has very thorough information.
Check it out before you make a decision about your donation.

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