April Francis {Diamond in the Rough}

Aug 27, 2015 | Every Life Matters, Names, Your Story

April Francis, Adopted by Linda Znachko, Found dead at a Recycling Community PlantHer Life: DOB Unknown-April 23, 2015 (found)
Living Legacy: Adoption matters

(the following obituary is copied from The Jackson Funeral Home)

Baby April Francis found 4/23/2015 at the RE Community Recycling Plant in Camden, NJ.

“Adopted” by Linda Znachko of He Knows Your Name Ministry, Indianapolis, IN.

On Monday, July 6th, in collaboration of all involved to make this baby’s life matter, we gathered together at Harleigh Cemetery in Camden at 12 noon.

A delicate baby gown, handmade by Little Angel Gowns from donated wedding gowns, a beautifully crafted honey oak box made by Glen Perry with her engraved name “April” (Early Spring Blossom)”Francis” (One Who is Free), abundantly filled flower arrangement from Memory Florist accompanied by an adorable fluffy pink bear with “Bless you” on its feet, attached with a love note saying “Heaven is lucky to have you there.” Also accompanied by Epiphany Fellowship Church, Pastor Doug Logan, Trevor, Melissa & Zoe (2 wks), Melissa gracefully sang “Jesus Loves Me” and a tearful rendition of “Lullaby and Good Night”. Joining us also on this day were the three RE workers who found April along with their Supervisor all pausing for a moment in time to honor this precious “Diamond in the rough.”

A beautiful celebration of life was presented through Linda Znachko. Though April was not long with us here on earth, we were reminded that God knows our name, every life matters and we are all children of God. As she continued, we heard of the things April would see as she rests peacefully in the Father’s arms.

Gathering together as strangers, becoming family for April, leaving knowing this life mattered. This day will be engraved on our hearts forever and the memory of April Francis will be one of love and grace and peace.

If you would like to make a donation to this ministry please contact Linda Znachko at www.heknowsyourname.org . Please read her story and see how she was led by God to fulfill His purpose for her and learn about the hearts that have been healed through her ministry.

“Lullaby and Goodnight” April, you are the Makers delight.
written by Ginny Jackson

April Francis, Adopted by Linda Znachko, Found dead at a Recycling Community PlantApril Francis, Adopted by Linda Znachko, Found dead at a Recycling Community Plant


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