Timothy {A Tested Trust}

Sep 8, 2014 | Every Life Matters, Names

600 X 400 swimming pool butterflyHis Life: April 7, 1997 – June 22, 2010
Living Legacy: Annual Memorial Scholarship Day

The Story:

Adalina was a grieving mother who lost her only child in a drowning accident.

Timothy Bray (Tim) died on June 22, 2010, at Douglass Park pool.  Along with Tim, a group of boys rode their bikes after hours to the park and hopped the fence.  He had gone there before, but had always come home. Not this time. Timothy drowned in that pool. Only the boys there that night knew the truth, and they weren’t talking.  All that was left was Adalina, a mother confused, mourning one son even as she was six months pregnant with another. The questions haunted her: Why would Timothy be in that pool?  He couldn’t swim. Everyone knew that about him. Did he fall?  Was he pushed?  In the thick of the mystery, Adalina (Addy) found comfort in knowing Tim was with the Lord in heaven and that death and life were ordained by Him and Him alone.

He Knows Your Name’s Role

I met Addy in August of 2010. Alfie introduced us during the months we waited for the Nicholas investigation to conclude.   Alfie thought I may want to help Addy with the purchase of a headstone and, when the day of our meeting arrived, I was pleasantly surprised when Tim’s entire family greeted me. I listened story after story about Tim. I heard of how he participated in bible studies, attended summer camp on a scholarship he’d earned, and played basketball and football on Douglas Park teams. Even as we heard great memories of her son, Addy paced, rubbing her belly, unable to be consoled. I shared about God’s love for them and how He understands their pain, how He wants relationship with them.  I told them I’d design their son’s headstone with them and prayed for them as we parted.

God confirmed this truth to Addy and her family time and again. One of the clearest was when we learned the newly designed headstone would be ready in three months – exactly when Addy was due to deliver her second son. God’s timing humbled me.

When the headstone was set, it was time to place it at the cemetery. Addy, along with her family and me, stood arm in arm as we looked down at her son’s name engraved in granite. Her tears fell upon the stone in silent homage to her child. We prayed together for healing in Addy’s heart for peace for the family.

From the time Addy and I first met in August, we connected once a week for a year.  I discipled her through the study of the Bible and a book called the Timothy study.  Mentoring her has been a joy for me for more than two years now!  I have seen her grow in her faith and learn to trust God, not only for her salvation but for her daily needs as well.   As she has tried to reason and understand the accident, she has had to let go of her questions and anger.  She practices surrender daily and chooses to live for her gift from God in her second son, Julian.  She is a generous, loyal, and determined to see the bright side of life.  I am honored to have her as my sister and friend.  I am blessed to have her in my life, and I treasure her friendship.


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